O2 staff worried by bonus targets


O2 staff are concerned they will miss out on significant bonuses after its broadband staff incentive, ‘Bank It With Broadband’, came to an end in December.

The new broadband incentive ran from June until the end of December 2008 and replaced O2’s traditional £1,000 ‘Thanks A Million’ staff bonus scheme.

The broadband bonus, which staff claimed is £400 less than the old ‘Thanks A Million’ scheme, was dependent on staff connecting at least one home broadband ‘staff’ package (£7.50 per month). For staff to qualify for full remuneration, it also required the company to hit 600,000 home broadband subs by midnight, December 31, claimed staff.

Staff worried last week targets had been missed. O2 had signed  267,090 broadband customers as of September 31. Figures to the end of 2008 will be announced February.

O2 rewarded eligible staff with bonuses of £1,000 each  as part of the ‘Thanks A Million’ campaign in January last year.