Samsung takes 20pc of Irish Carphone business during Christmas quarter


The surge comes following Mitchinson’s redoubling of efforts in the Irish market towards the end of last year.

Mitchinson said: “As the UK and Irish markets become much tougher, with a number of economic influences unknown to us all at present, it will make conditions much healthier and ultimately beneficial for Samsung. I will have a real push on market share in 2008 and beyond.”

He added: “Samsung products, while consolidated in range, will have wider appeal and penetrate those sectors that have otherwise been overlooked.

“Our designs will be even more appealing aesthetically in 2008, without compromising on feature and function.”

Mitchinson also said Samsung would be more active in the prepay market next Christmas. He said: “I took the decision to be less aggressive in prepay last year, but you will see more from Samsung in this area in Q4 2008.”