3 MVNO plan takes flight with B2B push


The network is also in discussions with other potential MVNO partners, both business and consumer, and is looking to sign up to three more by the end of the year.

The Gamma-branded MVNO proposition will be made available to its customer base of 300 independent resellers, who currently deal largely in fixed-line services. Gamma traffic will be officially connected via the 3 network from February 1.

Gamma’s offering will be available to resellers in two forms; a SIM-only package where the reseller establishes its own tariffing and sources its own handsets, and a complete service wrap which includes tariffing and handsets, to be distributed via Hugh Symons.

3 UK sales director Marc Allera (pictured) said: “Business has been a significant area of growth for 3. It was time for us to find a partner to give us access to areas we can’t reach. We also need to ensure the partnerships we make don’t cannibalise our core business.”

Gamma marketing director Richard Bligh said: “Mobile is growing faster than fixed, and we would like a piece of that. This partnership offers our channel partners the opportunity to cross over into selling mobile. We expect to measure connections in the thousands within six months.”