Mark: Where’s the excitement gone?


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To keep up the pressure, we then made some predictions for 2008. James Rosewell reckoned we’d probably see 3’s network being bought in the UK, I thought that Ofcom and the European Commission would fall out, while Iain Graham looked forward to the 3G iPhone being available on Vodafone.

Looking back on those predictions after a few weeks, it strikes me there’s not much about new technology in there. Which made me wonder: is 2008 going to be a boring year for geeks and gadget lovers?

There’s bound to be plenty of entertainment with people and politics, whether it’s senior managers flirting with their PAs at the Mobile News Awards or CEOs leaving to spend more time with their families. But technology? There really doesn’t seem to be much excitement planned for this year. Perhaps this could be the year that the mobile industry grows up. Perhaps we’ll see steady improvements to coverage, data speeds and internet services – not ever-increasing tech specs and ever-decreasing device sizes.

Mind you, I wouldn’t mind a 6 megapixel camera phone with a 16GB memory…