O2 dealers outgun direct team as new tariffs shine


One well-placed dealer said: “KPIs are better indirect. O2 is planning closer dealer alliances and all manner of things. [Head of indirect] David Plumb (pictured) and his team are the blue-eyed boys of O2 at the moment.”

The network launched its new business tariffs on February 1. “O2 has done a really good number on these. It has made it practically impossible for customers to want to churn, the deal is that good,” said one dealer.

The package will include a sweetener of free calls to UK landline numbers for three months. The six new tariffs (banded for ‘regular’ and ‘frequent’ usage for small, medium and large businesses) are available on two or three-year contracts only, priced £28-£260 for the line rental and lead handset.

A 20 per cent discount on line rental is available at the point of sale, instead of at month 13 as previously. Other major tweaks include fixed European calling rates, set at 8p and bundled into the tariff itself, instead of hived off as a bolt-on. O2 has also boosted the package for calls to O2 numbers, voicemail and landlines, and has set up a ‘reserve tank’ facility so spare talk time rolls over for up to a month.