Orange mobile internet subs up 86pc


Orange UK’s latest Digital Media Index report indicated an increase in the network’s total number of mobile customers to 15.8 million at September 30. It also reported 1.02 million home broadband customers.

The network reported an average of 1.485 billion text messages per month, 3.971 billion call minutes per month and 185,823 GB of mobile data per month.

The number of dongle subscriptions increased by over 2,000 per cent since January last year, while the number of mobile internet customers on 3G handsets and dongles was 2.9 million.

It said the mobile internet customer base had increased by 86 per cent, with 1.3 million customers added.

Orange also reported on average more than 276,555 full music tracks are downloaded every month from the Orange Music Store, an increase of 10.5 per cent since last year’s Orange Digital Media Index.

Orange director of products, portals and services Paul Jevons said: “The popularity of messaging continues with the number of text messages sent each month continuing to increase since the last Orange Digital Media Index.

“We’ve also seen a substantial growth in the amount of mobile data traffic as consumers increasingly use mobile phones to access and share all kinds of data.

“The popularity of mobile internet continues to rise and our customers now use the service as part of day-to-day life. Daily repeat customers are up 12 per cent since the last report, in part this is due to the rise in social networking.”

Orange director of broadband and home Asif Aziz said: “Dongles have been a real hit this year as customers are attracted to the extremely portable, personal and plug-and-play technology.

“What was initially a popular tool for businesses has now become a sought-after device across all consumer groups.”