3 hikes targets 400pc, cuts bonus pay 50pc


At the same time, it has dropped commission payments for new contract connections by more than 50 per cent and bonuses for prepay sales by more than 60 per cent.

The move has left staff within its own stores furious at the sudden shortfall in their earnings, and the heightened sales targets.

One staffer said: “When 3 launched mobile broadband, our individual targets were seven per month. If you hit 300 per cent (21), you could earn £261 per month in commissions.

Now we each have to sell 27 per month, and if we hit that, if we do 100 per cent, we only get £109. It’s ridiculous we should lose out on pay when we’re selling more than ever before.”

3 has also slashed its handset sales bonuses. As of February 1, bonuses for hitting contract targets will be slashed from £250 to £120, dependent on around 35 new connections. Their prepay bonus, for 10 sales, is also to be cut, from around £60 to just £21.

A London staffer said: “3 has shifted its focus away from contract sales to broadband subs. The drop in commissions limits our chances of a decent bonus.”

Another London salesman said 3 has set a target of 20 USB modem sales per person, alongside another new target of 22 Skype phones. He called both targets “unrealistic” and said staff stood to lose 25 per cent of their broadband bonus from the stretched USB modem targets.

Another salesman said 3 has upped individual USB modem sales targets by 300 per cent, from four to 12 per month. He calculated that, combined with the slump in handset bonuses, he will miss out on around 20 per cent of his regular broadband bonus.

Another 3 employee said: “We are being penalised by the new targets, even though sales are through the roof.”

“Previous targets did not reflect the popularity and potential of the product,” said 3. It added it had removed the cap on staff commissions so there is now no upper limit on earnings.