Samsung announces new ‘Soul’ handset


Samsung has announced the launch of its new Soul handset ahead of demonstrations at Mobile World Congress next week.

The Soul metallic-bodied slider is said to be the culmination of the Ultra Edition series. It will be supported by a major global advertising campaign and will be available in European countries from April.

Soul features a five megapixel camera and HSDPA web browsing abilities.

Its central keypad navigation indicators feature changing icons according to the handset’s mode. For example, when in music mode, music-related icons light up. When in camera mode, camera icons for zoom and brightness appear.

Samsung Telecommunication Business president Geesung Choi said: “We believe Soul is the answer for today’s style-conscious consumers, excited by outstanding quality design and performance.

“Soul is set to continue the success of past Ultra Edition handsets, such as D900 and U600, and will further enhance Samsung’s leadership in the premium phone category.”