EU wants data roaming cuts


Reding told delegates at the GSMA World Congress in Barcelona,: "I have no appetite at all for regulating again. But to avoid regulation, the industry will have to show its responsiveness to consumer concerns by credible.”

The following day T-Mobile announced that it’s set to cut its data roaming charges and introduce a flat rate roaming charge for data usage in countries within the European Union.

Mobile Internet users will now be charged 2 euros per megabyte and T-Mobile will also introduce a day pass that offers 50MB data usage for 15 euros. T-Mobile aims to introduce the new rates by the middle of the year.

But Vodafone CEO Arun Sarin has rejected Commissioner Reding’s calls for a cap, he said: "In a competitive industry, I do not think it is appropriate for a regulator to be talking about retail price regulation.”