Dealers claim 3 backed 40 percent cashback model


However 3 maintained no such encouragement or recommendations ever occurred. It said its network representatives had simply passed on feedback of business strategies other dealerships were finding successful, conceding at least awareness some of its dealer partners were offering customers deals afforded by a 40 per cent redemption rate.

But 3 also said, as all the networks always have, the final deal in these instances is between retailer and customer only, ducking any kind of responsibility for the huge anger within the market place.

A 3 spokesman said: “Market conditions change and all business people need to respond to this. Cashback agreements remain between the retailer and the customer.

“Redemption rates are just one part of an equation and will always vary dependent on the market sold to, how much cash is promised and how an offer is promoted. Like any other sector of business, no retailer should enter into a contractual arrangement with its customers, without the means to make good.”

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