Nokia and Vodafone recall 3,000 faulty 6110s


The problem occurs on the black version of the 6110 and is a software error, which makes the navigation application freeze when the UK and Ireland map is loaded. The fault occurs on a batch of handsets being distributed by Vodafone.

Both Nokia and Vodafone have already received hundreds of complaints from angry customers and are in the process of replacing the handsets.

A Vodafone technician revealed: “We received lots of calls about this complaint. Customers are telling us once a map of the UK and Ireland loads a padlock appears on the screen and the handset freezes. We’re now in the process of replacing the handsets.”

Nokia has confirmed it is aware of the issue and has organised a Freepost service for customers affected by the fault.

A Nokia spokesperson said: “We are aware of an issue with a small number of handsets that have been shipped to customers and we are working with Vodafone to rectify the situation.

“We have also advised Nokia Care Centres and are currently putting in place a Freepost service whereby any affected customers can send the handset and memory card to the service hub and corrections can be made quickly and efficiently.”

Vodafone claims it has removed most of the faulty stock and is in the process of recalling the remainder from its stores.

A Vodafone spokesperson said: “We have already identified a large proportion of handsets in our warehouse and these will no longer be issued.

“A small number may be in-store but these will be removed from sale as quickly as possible. Any new stock issued from our warehouse to our retail stores will not be affected.”


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