DM Telecom buys Truserve


The deal sees DM Telecom increase its customer base by around 10 per cent immediately.
Truserve managing director Gary Petrie agreed the deal with DM Telecom managing director Dino Maroudias (pictured) earlier this month, and joins DM Telecom as sales and marketing director at its Luton headquarters.

Truserve, which specialises in converged communications sales, has shut its Northampton office and moved its staff and resources under DM Telecom’s roof in Luton. Truserve customers have been notified of the move, and that their accounts and enquiries will be handled by DM Telecom going forward.

Maroudias said: “Gary brings with him a wealth of industry knowledge. Truserve was a fixed-line, VoIP and converged sales specialist, and it adds to our armoury.”
DM Telecom has plans to open offices in Manchester and Wakefield, said Maroudias, and is recruiting up to seven new staff at present.