Mobile call to conference hall


How about this for a business challenge. You have to organise a conference for up to 120 people.

The intended participants are scattered all over the world and you need to connect them all within 20 minutes.

No problem, according to Farnborough-based teleconferencing company Mobix.

Fire up your BlackBerry, load it with Mobix’s conferencing application 2Buzz, and your people will all be connected.

Ain’t technology great? Well that’s the theory that Mobix is hoping to get across to more distributors and mobile networks this year.

Convergence in communications is the industry’s favourite buzz word. And you only have to look at what Mobix is doing to get an idea of the new opportunities for the mobile channel for teleconferencing.

Mobix was formed in 2001 to produce audio conferencing technology. It also developed a text-based conferencing system which used text messages to tell conference participants which number to dial to join a conference.

Chief executive Richard Harris (pictured) joined Mobix 18 months ago. He says: “I discovered the product was outdated, and there was no modern infrastructure. I changed the pricing model and revised how we sell the products.

“We are more focused on mobile applications now through our partnership with RIM and the availability of our applications on BlackBerry devices.”

Full article in Mobile News issue 432 (February 9, 2009).

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