What’s Next for Mark Finlayson?


Finlayson sees his longevity in the business as quite an achievement – so he should considering his background, the recession that followed shortly after the launch of the firm, and the cut-throat nature of the industry today.

Back in the early 1990s the recession hit the Winchester-based business hard. He had set up the dealership with a partner, but economic decline took its toll and his partner left the business because, according to Finlayson, “the pressures were becoming unbearable and we were unable to make decisive decisions”.

But Next weathered the storm and he began to realise life after the recession may be a lot brighter than he had originally envisaged.

“It was a strange period, because I found it a simpler business to run once I was on my own. I had the opportunity to be decisive and independent – I didn’t have to waste time consulting someone every time I wanted to press ahead with something,” he says.

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