MusicStation ready to take on Apple and Nokia


Omnifone is in discussions with network partners about its proposed MusicStation Max service, which incorporates monthly subscription rates for its track download service into a monthly tariff for voice, data and music. At the end of the network contract, either 12 or 18 months, users will be able to migrate their music downloads to other MusicStation devices.

It is expected to sign with Vodafone, after the pair worked together, as well as with LG, on the Omnifone launch at the end of last year.

The forthcoming Omnifone/LG handset, to be branded MusicStation Max, will be released before the end of Q2, said Omnifone chief executive Rob Lewis. The HSDPA device will be a full touchscreen device with shortcut keys to the MusicStation service. For value and usability, Lewis claimed MusicStation Max will surpass Apple’s iTunes in the mobile market.

He also said its Q2 launch will see it beat Nokia’s forthcoming ‘Comes With Music’ proposition by six months and would also be “more operator friendly”.