O2 announce total revenue up 18.7 per cent for the year


Despite a drop in high street sales, O2 saw total revenues rise 7.8 per cent in Q4 to €1,877 following the November launch of Apple’s iconic handset; customers of which have an ARPU 30 per cent higher than the average contract customer. O2 has also revealed that more than half of the iPhones sold were to customers porting from other networks.

O2 UK added 483,000 net customers in the fourth quarter. This included 276,000 new contract customers – the network’s highest ever rise.

Meanwhile, October’s launch of O2 Broadband saw sales reach 71,000 by the end of Q4, with more than 100,000 sales to date.

Chairman and chief executive of Telefonica Europe Matthew Key said: “In the UK, we outperformed the market again. Whilst it is still to soon to say we are immune to any slow down in the global economy, we are currently seeing no evidence of a decrease in our customers spend and the mobile is an indispensable part of many customers lives.”