O2 campaign to relaunch Bluebook


Bluebook was originally launched in September 2006 and was designed to allow contract and prepay customers to store texts and pictures taken or received via their phone.

The new version automatically stores every text and MMS sent to or from a mobile with an option to create and edit online galleries to share images on O2, either online or via the O2 Active website on a handset.

Bluebook also now includes a blogging service called Blueblog, so that customers can record and document their daily lives using photos and messages straight from the handset.

The campaign, which leads with the message ‘Nothing is Lost’, went live on March 3 and spans television, cinema, print and online media.

The print campaign runs in publications including The Observer Magazine, Heat, Nuts and Kerrang! Social networking sites Facebook and MySpace will also run a range of banner ads.

From March 10, Metro readers will be encouraged to upload images, texts and videos to its website www.metro.co.uk for the remainder of the month, where a gallery will display the uploaded content. A four page Metro cover wrap will show a montage of selected images on March 28.

O2 marketing director Sally Cowdry said: “We understand that customers are concerned with losing their memories but that backing up can be complex. This campaign will be crucial in educating our customers about this innovative new service.”