T-Mobile revamps Business 1-Plan


The new tariffs were launched last month following feedback from customers with international communications needs.

The new inclusive international minutes can be used to call from the UK to anywhere in Europe and North America.

T-Mobile head of business marketing Oliver Chivers said: “We recognise that many business transaction are no longer confined to the UK. Inclusive calls to Europe and the US are something our customers were asking for and it wasn’t something our competitors were yet doing.”

The network has introduced separate tariffs based on the number of handsets needed for each business. Deals include double minutes for businesses with 30 handsets or less and line rental deals for those with more than 30 connections from £10 pound per handset per month.

Chivers said: “Feedback from our customers showed businesses with smaller numbers were more focussed on having extra minutes, whereas the larger ones seem more focused on the user fees. We took all of this information and improved their options without losing the fundamentals such as unlimited colleague to colleague calls.”

“Business 1-Plan has completely transformed the mobile communication landscape for business. It has been our most successful business tariff ever, and in terms of all round proposition I believe it to be the market leader.”