Ofcom auction result


Using funds shared by 3, it bid £321,000 last month in Ofcom’s radio spectrum auction, which amassed nearly £1.5 million.

T-Mobile technology director Emin Gurdenli said: “Our strategy is to use a mixture of radio and fibre technologies for the delivery of the most cost-efficient mobile access transmission.”

Ofcom awarded licences to 10 organisations for operate services in the higher frequency bands at 10-40GHz, suitable for high capacity wireless services. Orange paid £272,130 and BT paid £183,000 for various amounts of selected spectrum levels.

Ofcom also announced proposals to curb unfair additional charges on consumers phone bills.

The proposals are designed to ensure extra charges are fair and landline, broadband, mobile and pay-TV providers clearly market the cost of services.

Ofcom said consumers paid additional charges as a result of complicated contract terms. It is compiling new guidelines., which operators will then have three months to comply with.