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Staff in 3 Stores across the country have taken the honours in an informal Mobile News investigation relating to starter pay and commission. The figures, quoted by staff and run past head offices, have shown 3 Store staff not only average the highest basic salary, but also average more than twice the commission of Orange and bottom-placed O2.

Mobile News has spoken with retail staff from 3, Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile, O2, Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U across the country to find what exactly staff get in return for their hard work. 3 staff appeared happiest; O2 staff most dissatisfied.

3 director of retail Ian Parpworth said the hourly rate of store staff varies according to their location. He said: “Our retail staff operate in a competitive environment and we believe their hard work should be rewarded.”

Based on the average answers given by staff, 3 pays an average of £12,000 per year basic. Parpworth said 3 retail staff can expect at least 30 per cent extra on top of their monthly wage.

A deputy manager of a London-based 3 store said: “I have worked in retail for seven years, including a stint with The Link. 3 is more customer driven than anywhere I’ve worked before – and, importantly, it doesn’t train staff to have the kind of terrier sales attitude of places like Carphone and Phones 4U.”

The staffer explained full-timers are expected to hit 35 contract sales per month. “It’s perfectly achievable,” he said: “Realistically if we hit our targets we are looking at an extra £700 per month.” The figure was confirmed by a member of staff in Cambridge, who refused to comment on staff finances, but confirmed the quoted figure was “about right”.

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