Motorola back at 3


The move adds another major brand to 3’s portfolio and is being backed by an extensive store staff training programme.

3 director of products Fergal Walker said: “Motorola’s renewed focus on powerful 3G handsets like the RAZR2 V9 means we can welcome it back into 3’s growing portfolio. A strong roadmap and some compelling products will help us give our customers the best possible choice of 3G phones.”

Motorola is to dispatch 17 training staff to 3 stores across the country throughout March and April to help familiarise staff with its handsets.

Motorola UK and Ireland general manager Jim Michel said: “The capabilities of the RAZR2 V9 are a perfect match for the advanced services and experiences available through the 3 network. Together, we have great expectations for how the product will perform in retail and are looking forward to building a portfolio of Motorola products available on 3 in the future.”

The HSDPA-enabled RAZR2 V9 is available from 3 from March 13. It features a stainless steel case, toughened glass and a touch sensitive external screen.