Orange to offer music and movie downloads


The move will see 800,000 of Orange’s 15.6 million mobile customers given the option to download a variety of music content to their mobile handsets for free, or a discounted rate.

Beginning this week, the trial will last three months and will allow brands to have their advertising banners displayed as customers download music. Brands like Paramount Pictures and Ford have already signed up for the trial, which currently has 500 tracks available.
Orange UK head of entertainment Gavin Forth said: “This ad-funded content model will drive adoption and usage of services, and deliver better value content to our customers. The mobile is an incredibly personal device, and our ad-funded content offerings give advertisers a great opportunity to reach a new audience."

Orange has also teamed up with film website to allow customers to download short films.

Every month, a selection of short films from’s online catalogue will be available exclusively for download via Orange. The download will cost up to £1.

Orange entertainment brand marketing and partnerships manager Magda Lojszczyk said: “Our partnership with perfectly combines our mobile technology with new film talent. The accessibility of our mobile platform means millions of Orange users can always find something entertaining to watch when they’re on the move.” co-founder Steve Lanning said: “This is an exciting opportunity for original films to be seen by the masses and a completely new way for film lovers to discover and enjoy new talent. For the film maker this provides them with the opportunity of being noticed by a wider audience and a revenue source to help them.”

Films available for download this month include Flesh Forum, The Crook, A Dirty Job, Bastard and You Are Here.