Velofone boosts VoIP offering


Velofone Data Roaming service uses the Velofone IP network to access data on the move in one of 60,000 Velofone hotspots globally. It costs £10 a month for unlimited downloads to laptops and PDAs.

Previously only available on the HTC S620, Velofone Mobile is now available on the Nokia E65 and E61i.

The service utilises a network of 60,000 international Wi-Fi hotspots to deliver low cost international roaming charges by bypassing the GSM network.

Velofone Mobile handsets will instantly recognise when the user is in range of a hotspot and will instantly connect to the dedicated Velofone IP network. On exiting the hotspot the handset will revert to making calls on the user’s normal mobile.

Velofone Mobile costs £4.99 a month for a UK-only service, and there is a £10 add-on for an international package. Customers can sign up direct via the website.

Velofone business development director Colette Bean said: “The introduction of Velofone Data Roaming is another giant step in facilitating remote working and is ideal for the busy business traveller who needs to download data to their laptop in locations such as hotels, airports and cafes.

“In the fast moving world of global commerce, reliable and flexible mobile and data solutions can make all the difference in providing that competitive edge, maintaining and improving customer satisfaction and ultimately driving business efficiencies.”