Microsoft focuses on training store staff


Microsoft trainers visit 800 network retail stores, which it aims to boost to around 1,500 in the next 12 months, while also starting to visit independent dealers in the next two years.

The training program has been in place for about a year.

For now, Team Windows Mobile wants to boost independent dealer participation of its online training portal, through which dealers can become Windows Mobile ‘specialists’. Feedback will be taken from participants to decide a rollout schedule for face-to-face training sessions.

Windows Mobile UK retail and consumer marketing manager Jemma Harris (pictured)said: “Some dealers might know about the online programme, but we’ve never actually spent the time to tell them about it, or that they can become Windows Mobile specialists by doing a certain number of courses.

“Once we get feedback from independents through the online training, we can scope when is an appropriate time to start coming in to do more face-to-face training.”