Angel or villain?


Exradia divides opinion. It manufactures a mobile phone battery, the ‘Angel’, which it claims eliminates harmful radioactive rays. But despite the debate about health risks from mobile phone usa raging in the national press for years, to date there remains no concrete proof that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by mobile phones are harmful.

Which raises the question, is Exradia simply preying on public fears to build a business in a lucrative consumer market? It likely depends which side of the industry fence you stand.

Few companies in the industry, even Exradia’s ‘official’ distribution partners, will comment directly on its validity as a screening device against harmful radioactive waves.

Brightstar, which has agreed to distribute its anti-radiation Angel batteries to the UK channel, was keeping shtum. Independent retailer Fonehouse, which is selling ‘Angel’ batteries in-store, said little except to suggest it is simply giving the punter options; letting the public make up its own mind about the matter.

Ask the big five manufacturers what they make of Exradia’s proposition and the line goes dead. Their silence suggests, perhaps understandably, endorsement of such a product could be seen as admission mobile health risks exist; this would mean, by default, they were complicit in a mass public fry-up. Either that, or they’re waiting for some more evidence before they make up their minds.

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