Orange to overhaul broadband tariffs


Orange broadband fees are to jump by up to £10 per month for some customers. Orange is also readying a £30 connection fee for all new broadband customers, starting April 8.

Broadband customers who live in areas where Orange is still to install its own equipment on the local telephone exchange will be charged up to £7 per month more than current rates.

Customers who live in areas where Orange has already unbundled the exchange will be charged less than current rates, provided they are not Orange mobile customers.

From April 8, Orange’s new Home Max broadband tariff costs £17 per month for existing Orange mobile customers who live in proximity of an unbundled exchange; up by £2 on the old tariff. Non-Orange customers using an unbundled exchange can sign up for broadband for £24 per month; down £1 on the old fees.

Orange subscribers that don’t use an unbundled exchange will be charged £25, up £10 on the old charge. Non-Orange customers in the same areas will get it for £32, up £7.

An Orange staffer said: “The deals will be very expensive for some people. Adding £10 per month on current prices is a lot of money over 18 months.”

An Orange spokesperson said: “We will soon launch a revised pricing structure of our home broadband tariffs that will see us able to offer new customers living in areas where we have equipment installed in their exchange even lower prices.”

Orange refused to confirm or deny detail.