Yahoo oneSearch goes live on T-mobile


Following the announcement of Yahoo and T-Mobile’s partnership, the Yahoo! oneSearch search engine has gone live on the network’s Web’n’Walk mobile internet portal.

With oneSearch, results are grouped into categories that fit onto one page, which Yahoo! claims is more mobile friendly. Also, searching “coffee” will result in nearby coffee shops being listed, as well as the usual search results.

T-Mobile is working on integrating oneSearch with other services, such as Flickr and Yahoo’s Messenger, Mail, Weather and Finance services, on its Web’n’Walk portal. It has also announced search engine results can be sponsored by advertising.

Deustche Telekom group product and innovation officer Christopher Schläffer said: “Our goal is to make mobile internet access easier, faster and more comfortable. Internet users can now directly access the best mobile search service on the web wherever and whenever they choose.”

Vice president of Connected Life, Yahoo! Marco Boerries added: “With Yahoo! oneSearch users get the answers they are looking for right on the first screen. This will provide T-mobile’s customers with the indispensable starting point to finding everything they want on mobile internet.”