Mark: Handsets cracking up


Gone are the days where you could bounce your Nokia on the floor like a basketball and in their place have come hi-spec handsets that break easier than a footballer’s metatarsal.

In recent weeks Fone has revealed hardware and software problems with the Nokia N95, Sony Ericsson w580i, Apple iPhone, Samsung U600, D800, D900i, E900, HTC TyTn II, LG Viewty and many more. The number one cause of complaint is broken LCDs, which are cracking with just the slightest of knocks.

This issue is becoming a joke with thousands of handsets flooding repair centres each month, which is great news for our friend Faisal at Fone Doctors but not such good news for the poor sap that has to pay him £50 to fix the LCD on a mobile they bought at Christmas!

The problem is that many manufacturers are denying that these problems are widespread but the truth is I know numerous repair centres that make nearly a thousand LCD repairs each month. Now I am happy to accept that if I sat on my N95 with my ample posterior that there is a good chance that the LCD may well crack (most likely shatter!) but I do find it hard to swallow that most manufacturers are passing the blame onto customers. It’s about time that Nokia and co admitted that these problems exist and start to invest in increased protection for handsets rather than leaving many customers to foot the bill.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest I’m off to blag a Samsung Solid from ‘Marathon’ Mark Mitchinson, which just like his beloved Chelsea might not be stylish to look at but gets the job done…well OK that’s a lie as the Solid doesn’t crack under pressure!