Brightstar gets nod from LG


LG has signed up Brightstar Europe to sell its handsets and accessories among its dealer base and retail customers.

LG Mobile UK sales and marketing director John Barton said: “This agreement significantly extends our reach both in the mobile sector and the rapidly developing data channel here in the UK.

“Distribution has become much more difficult space, with increased pressure on margins. Distributors have to be good at logistics and prove they have the right retail customers. Relationships have to be led by retailers, whose people are the ones that talk to customers. We are very impressed with Brightstar. It has proven it has those retail partners.”

Brightstar Europe president Rod Miller said: “In the changing world of distribution, it is important that any potential new partner brings both a retail customer portfolio and new opportunities to the table. Brightstar brings both. This is another significant step for Brightstar in the UK, and one that will provide many more resellers with access to LG’s range.”

Meanwhile, Barton said LG would also stick with Brightstar rival 20:20, canned by LG rival Samsung last month for trading grey stock.

Barton said: “Our relationship with 20:20 continues as always. We’re not going to take a different opinion just because another manufacturer has had a fallout with it. And if a UK distributor is finding supply of stock difficult and stock from other markets is coming into the UK, then that is an understandable reaction.”