BT gives businesses Wi-Fi option


UK businesses with BT Total Broadband can now turn their premises into a BT Openzone Wi-Fi hotspot at no extra cost.

This will allow anyone visiting their premises, be it an office, shop, restaurant or depot, to log on to a separate secure internet channel to check e-mail, surf the web, use internet-enabled applications and make VoIP calls. Businesses can choose to increase their revenue by selling BT Openzone vouchers so visitors can use the service.
The service provides Wi-Fi access to other BT Business Total Broadband customers using their inclusive BT Openzone minutes, plus BT Openzone subscribers and BT consumer Total Broadband customers who are members of the BT FON Wi-Fi community.

BT Business managing director Bill Murphy said: “This is a real differentiator for businesses, offering the potential to deliver a prime business service to their visitors and dramatically increase the number of locations from which they can connect and do business as part of the BT Business Total Broadband community.

“It also offers the option to create a new revenue stream by selling BT Openzone vouchers whilst serving their customers and visitors better.”
The 170,000 existing BT Business Total Broadband customers with a BT Business 2700 Total Broadband Hub will be invited to activate the Wi-Fi hotspot feature following a firmware upgrade this quarter.