Kondor wins Voda handset deal


Vodafone has extended its distribution agreement with Kondor to include prepay handsets from the beginning of June. Kondor already supplies Vodafone stores with mobile phone accessories.

Kondor joins Vodafone prepay distributors Data Select, Dextra, Elite Mobile and Swains. Vodafone said agreements with existing distribution partners remain unchanged, and that Kondor has been appointed as its direct channel has expanded.

Head of channel partners for Vodafone UK Nick Birtwistle said: “Kondor has been a supplier to Vodafone UK for 12 years. During this time Kondor has built a successful business and grown its expertise and its links with the big accessory manufacturers.

“We believe that the team’s approach to business, its in house expertise, and the strong links it has already established with retailers will provide Kondor with the foundation to be as successful in the pre-pay market.”

Kondor managing director Rob Haycock (pictured) said the agreement formed a key part of the company’s strategic development.

"As part of our continued business growth and development we have been examining the current opportunities in the mobile channel and have identified several gaps in the way the market is serviced," he said.

“This opportunity will enable us to transform the way that pre-pay propositions are bought and sold in non-traditional channels.”

Kondor new business director Simon Hassell added: “Since my arrival at Kondor, we have been actively preparing to extend our portfolio of services to include the distribution of pre-pay handsets.

“We will work very closely with both Vodafone and retailers to deliver a more complete product range and service.”