Sony BMG signs up to Nokia music service


Nokia has announced that record label Sony BMG has joined its Comes With Music unlimited mobile download proposition, but has yet to reveal a UK launch date more specific than “Q2”.

People who buy a Nokia Comes With Music device will have a year of access to the Sony BMG catalogue of music. Consumers will be able to download tracks to both their mobile device and computer through the Nokia Music Store during the first 12 months that they own their Nokia device.

At the end of the 12-month period, users can keep their downloaded tracks and transfer to a new device if necessary, meaning the tracks are theirs for life.

They will then be able to continue to purchase additional tracks from the Nokia Music Store, or move on to a Nokia “unlimited access” subscription.

Nokia executive vice president and head of the Nokia Entertainment and Communities business Tero Ojanperä made the announcement of the Sony BMG partnership at a press conference in London.

He said: “Nokia Comes With Music is an innovation that not only helps people discover and enjoy music, but also expand the overall business and revenue for the benefit of artists, labels and other rights holders. It’s great to have Sony BMG on board as we move forward with bringing our unlimited music bundle to the market."

Ojanperä also dismissed issues of competition against other mobile music download services such as the networks’ own offerings and Omnifone’s unlimited MusicStation, saying, "We welcome everybody who is willing to help grow the music industry as a whole."