O2 pulls data-only Blackberry deal


O2 has withdrawn BlackBerry data-only tariffs for consumers, claimed store staff last week.

O2 said the £15 per month data-only line rental was still available with a BlackBerry. A spokesperson said: “Data only is a lot less popular with customers these days, as BlackBerrys are great all round devices and most people use them for both voice and data. But the £15 per month data only tariff is still available.”

However, staff claimed otherwise, and expressed frustration data-only tariffs were still available on BlackBerry business contracts.

One O2 staffer said: “BlackBerry sales have grown and grown in O2; we probably sell more to consumers than business customers.”

Another said: “We’re advertising them still in the store brochures, but have been told we can’t sell them. We are missing out on connections because of this. Some staff are connecting customers onto business contracts to get around it.”