Orange claims boom in mobile internet and TV


Orange has released the results of its third Digital Media Index (DMI), revealing a sharp increase in mobile internet and mobile TV usage.

The network’s report, examining trends in customer consumption of digital media, shows a spike in Orange customers’ use of mobile internet since the second DMI was released in November last year. User numbers have increased 12 per cent to 2.64 million, accessing 99 million page impressions a month – a 35 per cent increase.

The number of mobile broadband customers has jumped 31 per cent to 1.8 million.

Orange director of portals Matthew Kirk said: “The distinction between mobile and laptop is finally disappearing as the mobile phone truly becomes an ‘on-the-go’ multimedia device.

“Rather than just testing the service, the personalisation of the mobile internet portal means that customers are using the service repeatedly as it becomes part of day-to-day life. The transparent pricing system has reduced the fear of high bills which is also encouraging repeated use.

“Orange World is particularly popular among football fans who log on to get updates on lower level league teams that wouldn’t necessarily be covered in the wider media.”

Orange head of mobile TV and video partnerships and services Deborah Tonroe said hours viewed on mobile TV increased by 87 per cent in three months, particularly since the start of the football season.