Unlockers hack Nokia BB5 chipset


Unlockers have gained access to the first ever BB5 direct unlocking solution for Nokia handsets, hailing it a massive breakthrough.

The new solution can unlock the latest generation of Nokia handsets, such as the N95 8GB, N81 and the 6500 Slide and Classic, while those that could be unlocked with the previous BB5 kit can now be done much quicker.

The handset is plugged into an unlocking box measuring around four square inches and the software is run via PC through an external cable. Information from the phone is drawn out, recalculated and re-flashed into the handset, opening it using log files that cost between £20 and £25 online.

Unlockers will no longer have to strip the handset down to board level, drill and solder or put the handset under a microscope to complete the process.

MT Pro, a software house that has previously released BB5 unlocking solutions for earlier Nseries models including the N95, N80 and N73, supplies the technology for the solution.

The Phone Shop owner Adrian Foot claimed handsets can now be unlocked in as little as 10 seconds and called it a major breakthrough. “This is possibly the most defining step we have ever experienced as unlockers,” he said.

“These handsets used to take anything up to an hour to unlock, and occasionally we would spend an hour-and-a-half unlocking an E65. To unlock these in a matter of seconds is incredible – it will save us so much time and, ultimately, bring in significant revenue.”

Phone Tek-Nation proprietor Dean Ancil said: “We have access to it and compared to the old test point solution it’s very good. It will eliminate the need to butcher the handset and although paying £20 a time for a batch of log files is a little expensive, things can be done quicker – those who deal with these fiddly bits in a handset aren’t always available.”

Fone Doctors proprietor Faisal Sheikh said that, whilst it was a step forward for unlockers, a level of caution was also required.

“It’s promising and just shows that you can’t keep us unlockers down for too long,” he said.

“However, we need to see how this will work out long-term. This sector of the independent channel is very fragmented at the moment, as there are different procedures such as code and hardware unlocking, but the signs are there that it could be a top unlocking procedure.”


This article originally appeared in Mobile News’ sister publication Fone on April 17, 2008.