Camel alights in Orange refresh


Orange has launched a new ‘animal’ tariff on prepay. The new ‘Camel’ tariff is pitched to migrant workers as a budget option for overseas calls.

Orange has also extended its Dolphin, Canary and Racoon animal tariff brands into the prepay space.

The Camel tariff offers calls to 50 countries for 5p per minute, and calls to the US and Australia for 6p a minute. Texts abroad cost 15p.

The new Dolphin prepay tariff offers free access to social networking sites Facebook, MySpace and Bebo, up to 50MB uage per month. It also offers free texts depending on the customer’s top-up spend. For £10, customers gets 300 free texts, with £20, 600 free texts and with £30, unlimited free texts.

The new Canary prepay tariff includes free evening and weekend call options, also dependent on monthly top-up value. So, £10 gives 120 free minutes, £20 gives 180 free minutes and £30 gives 240 free minutes.

Camel, Dolphin and Canary prepay rates are standard: 20p a minute and 10p a text to any network. The new Racoon prepay deal offers rates of 15p a minute and 10p a text.

All new prepay tariffs are available from Sunday (April 27), and the refresh is backed by a £5 million advertising campaign.

Orange is also offering the HTC Touch handset in white on prepay for £149.99.

Orange director of pay as you go Pippa Dunn said: "Prepay is a recruitment ground for future contract customers, and this is all designed to eventually move prepay customers to longer term contracts. Prepay is becoming increasingly important in terms of recruiting customers to the network, and it delivers good returns."