Motorola pinning hopes on Z10


Motorola said the launch of its new Z10 handset and its support of mobile social networking and blogging services will be brought to bear on its next set of financial results.

This week, Motorola posted further losses in its first quarter results, slipping almost 80 per cent on the same period last year. The Z10 and subsequent devices will spur Motorola’s return, said Motorola director of applications and e-solutions Andrew Till.

Till said last week: "The key message is that we understand this market has changed. You will see that come through in our next lot of financial results. In the mid and upper tier we recognise we have had to step up, and we have made a lot of public statements about that. But this is the tip of the iceberg in terms of the products we are launching and how people are going to use these services."

The new Z10, a beefed up version of the last year’s Z8 handset with extra video editing functions and direct links to social networking sites, hit O2 stores last week, and makes its way into the wider high street sales channel next month.

It includes advanced photo and video editing software by Arcsoft and a direct image upload function to mobile social network Shozu. It is expected to come preloaded with The Bourne Supremacy, the second Jason Bourne movie, as the Z8 came with the first instalment in the film franchise, The Bourne Identity.

Till said: "The Z10 is not just another product launch – we are trying to articulate a particular experience to the consumer."