T-Mobile readies new ‘Combi’ tariffs


T-Mobile is to launch a new price plan, called ‘Combi’, for contract customers.

It has also improved and re-branded its ‘Just SIM’ package, re-naming it ‘Solo.’

The new tariffs launch Thursday (May 1), and will be available to new and upgrading T-Mobile customers.

The ‘Combi’ tariffs are an addition to the long-running Flext campaign and and subject to an 18 month contract. The four new price plans start from £25 per month, allowing for 300 minutes and 300 texts. All other ‘Combi’ tariffs have unlimited texts allowances.

The £30 per month ‘Combi’ deal offers 600 minutes, the £35 per month deal offers 800 minutes, and the £40 per month deal offers 1,000 minutes.

T-Mobile has improved and renamed its four ‘Just SIM’ plans. From May 1, they will be sold as ‘Solo’ plans and will typically offer 100 extra minutes, compared to previously.

‘Solo’ is a 30 day rolling contract, and does not include a handset. The £15 monthly tariff allows for 300 minutes and 650 texts. The £20 deal offers 500 minutes and unlimited texts, the £25 deal offers 800 minutes and unlimited texts and the £35 deal offers 1,400 minutes and unlimited texts.

T-Mobile was unavailable for comment.