Mike: Shop floor to cutting room floor


I knew I wanted to be a journalist since my old English teacher set me the task of creating a Shakespearian newspaper, which was about the only homework I ever did.

From then on it was GCSEs, A-Levels, University, travelling the world and then working for O2. Not writing, just working as a sales advisor in the Norfolk town of Kings Lynn just a stone throw from where I grew up.

Through various journeys, relocating and promotions I took a management role in O2s flagship store on Oxford Street whilst completing my NCTJ’s in Farringdon, which coincidently is where I am now working with Mobile News.

It isn’t until you see things from the other side of the counter that you discover how BIG the mobile industry is, and how minor the shop floor actually is.

Working for Mobile News has opened a Pandora’s box of knowledge, understanding and business, which I simply didn’t know existed.

The days of being abused and threatened by customers, thwarting thieves, and dealing with robotic customer services look to now be behind me, but do I miss working in retail? Without any word of a lie, excluding friends, there is not one thing I miss about retail. However, I am grateful for my experiences, which have educated me in a unique way, enabling me to bring something new to the reporting team here at Mobile News, and those experiences undoubtedly helped me start my career.

The world of writing has thus far been an amazing experience, and the feeling of making the front page is something that will never dampen. On top of this, after just a few weeks of being here, I attended the prestigious Mobile News Awards ceremony in a little hotel on Park Lane, raising my levels of the word luxury.

The champagne was flowing until the early hours and the with the five star food it was a cosmic occasion to which I had never experienced before, but certainly one I could get used to.

My CV points to where I am now, and now I’m here, I feel like a member of an exclusive club, which thanks to my new colleagues, has made me feel very welcome and right at home.