Azzurri makes 71 redundant


B2B dealer Azzurri Communications has confirmed it will make 71 of its 850 staff redundant following a restructure of the business, announced in March.

Azzurri’s acquisition of 15 businesses in the past eight years created duplication of some roles. Azzurri chief executive Gordon Matthew notified staff of a need to cut costs by up to 15 per cent as a result of financial targets being missed in the first half of last year.

A consultation process identified 84 of its staff were at risk, although 13 jobs have been salvaged as Azzurri has identified various other ways to cut costs within the business.
Azzurri has made staff redundant across all its departments.

Most roles went from back office roles, such as finance and administration. Nobody in senior management has been dismissed.

A new business strategy is being formulated for approval on June 2.

Azzurri divisional director Martin Flick said in March the cuts could run to 15 per cent of the total costs. But he said, then, it was not a straight cost cutting exercise, but part of a strategy to focus on new converged solutions within a nationally aligned organisation.