LG aims for 10pc market share


LG Mobile expects to take double-digit market share in the UK this year. The launch last week of the third handset in its Black Label range, the ‘Secret’, will see to that, said LG Mobile UK sales and marketing director John Barton.

Barton added, however, LG Mobile’s new devices will command a premium and its UK revenue market share in 2008 will outstrip its unit market share.

“We are running at around eight per cent at the moment. If we can average 10 per cent this year, I’ll be happy. The Secret will contribute considerably towards that,” said Barton.

“This is a premium handset that deserves its price point, so our revenue market share will be bigger than unit market share, which is a good thing.”

“For two and a half years we have talked about ourselves as a ‘challenger brand’, trying to get to the top table. We are now there.”

The touchscreen LG Secret, or KF750, is 11.8mm thick with a 5-megapixel camera and follows the Chocolate and Shine into LG Mobile’s Black Label series. It has a durable casing of carbon fibre, used in aircraft and performance car manufacture, and a tempered glass LCD screen. The media functions – including FM radio, camera, MP3 player and games – can be accessed via a touchscreen, activated by a shortcut key. The Secret also has a motion sensor, so users can ‘play’ fishing and darts games. Other functions are activated by touch-sensitive navigation keys, which light blue on touch.

It has video recording speeds of 120fps with an enhanced video editing suite, while being loaded with a Google package enabling Gmail, Google Maps and YouTube.

At launch in mid May, it will be available across all networks on contract. Barton said the timing of the ‘Secret’ launch was good, giving the best exposure as it goes up against devices from rivals, including Samsung’s ‘Soul’. It is also backed by a £5.5 million advertising campaign.

Barton said: “People aren’t talking about the Soul as much as they might have been, as it was announced some time ago. All I’d say is look at these two handsets feature by feature; compare style, design, finish, look and feel – I’m smiling and looking confident about which comes out on top.”

Barton added imaging is not a marketing hook for its Black Label mobiles, which have been pitched as fashion devices, and said the Secret will be targeted at an upmarket, unisex audience.

“We won’t pitch its camera and video capability, even though it’s as capable as the Viewty, as it was chosen to be part of the Black Label series, introduced to establish LG Mobile as a leader in design and style,” said Barton.