Computer 2000 purchases Unique Distribution


IT distributor Computer 2000 has purchased Unique Distribution for an undisclosed figure.

The sale is expected to be finalised within the next few days.

Unique Distribution managing receiver Chantrey Vellacott, appointed by HM Revenue and Customs in January after it launched a VAT fraud investigation into Unique parent company IGB, was awarded permission by a judge last month to sell the business. Offers were taken by Chantrey Vellacott partner David Ingram until May 2.

Warehouse stock valued at around £3 million has yet to be sold, although Ingram said there was “strong interest”.

“There is greater interest in the stock than in the Unique brand,” said Ingram.

Computer 2000 is a part of the US-based Tech Data group, which formed a joint venture with fellow US firm Brightstar to enter the UK and European mobile markets as Brightstar Europe.