Ian: Vodafone’s hot air about climate change


I’m from the outlaw school of thought that reckons so-called Man Made Climate Change is nothing more than a racket to over-charge us for a whole variety of goods, services and to extract extra taxes.

Look no further than Al Gore’s "An Inconvenient Truth" which hints that MMCC caused the flooding of New Orleans. It’s a fact that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers took responsibility for the flooding of New Orleans. The levees the Corps built failed because they were built in a disjointed fashion using outdated data.

There are some outbreaks of sanity. The Leibniz Institute of Marine Science says we have no need to worry about global warming for the next decade. The Leibniz Institute knows about this stuff. It studies ocean circulation and climate dynamics. It reckons climate change is the natural order of nature. So we can all drive our Range Rover V8’s for at least another 10 years without harming a single hair on a polar bear’s head.

So why am I ranting about Man Made Climate Change in a blog for a mobile newspaper’s web site? Recently, the following item fetched up in my In-Box – “Vodafone Group” to reduce Co2 emissions by 50-per cent”. It continued “Vodafone Group today announces that by 2020 it will reduce its CO2 emissions by 50 per cent against its 2006/7 baseline of 1.23 million tonnes. This target will be achieved principally by improvements in energy efficiency and increased use of renewable energy”.

Hang on. Last time I checked Vodafone was a mobile telecoms company – not a polluter involved in heavy manufacturing industry. The only stuff that Vodafone puts into the atmosphere is RF radiation. So what CO2 emissions does Vodafone have to worry about?

Here’s chief executive Arun Sarin “This is the right decision for a responsible business to take. It is good for the environment but also makes sense for the business. It resonates from a financial perspective as improving energy efficiency helps us to control costs.

“It also resonates with customers as developing new products and services, such as our plans for solar-powered phone chargers and universal phone chargers for Vodafone-branded handsets. This will help customers to limit their own emissions and this is something they value more and more”.

Arun Sarin is no mug. So why is he coming up with eco-mentalist claptrap suggesting that
solar-powered phone chargers will help save the planet?

Will Vodafone Northern Hemisphere customers thank him for solar-powered chargers when their phone dies in the winter months when it is dark by 3.30pm?

Does he imagine that C02 emissions form the basis of purchasing decisions by consumers when they are considering handset specs and call charges?

It seems this is yet more hot air spouted about climate change (did you see what I did there?). These days it seems no company worth its mission statement can afford to leave out some specious right-on nod towards the Green Lobby least they alienate the Guardian readers and sandal-wearers among their target audience. Even Jeep and Land Rover are spouting guff about their products being “Green”. It’s facile and patronizing. It doesn’t fool people. If MMCC is a danger, the proof won’t exist for thousands of years (a blink of an eye in the chronology of the Earth). And what will the the proof? The fact that the Planet hasn’t disappeared. So we can never reach a point in our life time where we will have any idea of whether MMCC is real or fiction. Naturally it suits Governments and those who sit on ‘Climate Change’ quangos and lobby groups to keep the myth alive.

It is disappointing that Vodafone has signed up for the eco-madness. As American political comedian George Carlin put it “there is nothing wrong with the planet. The planet is fine. The PEOPLE are f……..”.

You can see the entire Carlin diatribe on YouTube (search "George Carlin – The Planet’s Fine). It’s an eye and ear opener. The Vodafone Greenies might like to take a look.