Penberthy-Smith to leave 3


3 UK marketing director John-Penberthy Smith has been made redundant following the amalgamation of the network’s sales and marketing departments.

As a result, sales director Marc Allera will become sales and marketing director, and staff members who previously worked under Penberthy-Smith will now report directly to Allera.

Penberthy-Smith had been scheduled to speak at a 3 mobile broadband debate tomorrow but will be replacecd by head of mobile broadband Jonathun Lutz.

A 3 spokesman said the decision had been made to enable a stronger focus on retail growth and direct customer acquisition.

He said: “All branding and marketing should support sales. To compete effectively we need a fast decision making process with no confusion, so one person should be responsible.

“This is no reflection on John but just the way the business is moving. He has done a brilliant job turning 3’s marketing around in the past 15 months but it’s now time to take the next step in our strategy.”

3 UK chief executive Kevin Russell said: “In stepping up to lead this team, Marc will be taking on a significant challenge. It’s fair to say that this is one of the toughest roles in the UK market place. I see him growing into a different leadership role; setting direction, ensuring tight communication and working towards complete operational alignment across his enlarged team.

“I have seen Marc strengthen as a leader over the past year. He’s ready to take on this challenge and I am confident the business will give him all the support he deserves.”

“I would like to thank John for his passion, commitment and drive in making substantial progress over the past 15 months in getting marketing back onto the front foot and helping us to grow the business. With his help we have strengthened relationships and improved results across the business.”