ZTE announced sales growth


ZTE, the Chinese telecoms equipment company, has announced 100 per cent rise in GSM sales.

The growth in GSM shipments in the first quarter of 2008 is a two-fold increase from the same period last year.

ZTE claim it is its expansion into emerging markets that has driven this rise. It cites its contract to provide infrastructure including 1,400 base stations to CMPak, Pakistan’s main telecom operator, as well as signing a contract with Nepal Telecom to add 3.5 million lines to its existing GSM capacity. This is expected to rise to 5 million by 2010.

The growth of ZTE has seen its market share increase by 100 per cent from 2003 to 2007.

ZTE is China’s only listed telecoms manufacturer, and its equipment is used in more than 50 countries worldwide.