Ofcom report highlights mobile identity fraud concern


Adults are concerned about mobile phones and the harm they are associated with in society, according to a new report by Ofcom.

The media regulatory body, which released its Adults’ and Children’s Media Literacy audits last week, found that one in three adults fear the affects of mobile phones in conjunction with potential health risks.

The report also found a growing trend among older children and young adults who would miss their mobile phones if they were taken away.

The report highlighted the growing threat of identity fraud, with concerns rising by 15 per cent in two years of people who are now more fearful of being a victim. Sixty-nine per cent of people are also concerned about the amount of information companies hold about them.

Ofcom’s partner for content and standards Stewart Purvis said: "Ofcom will work with its partners and stakeholders to help all citizens develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to make full use of the opportunities available and to protect themselves and their families from possible risks."

Meanwhile, it was announced last week that chipset manufacturer Qualcomm has won the spectrum auction for the 40MHZ band for £8,334,000.

Qualcomm won the 1452-1492 MHZ spectrum known as the L-band, which can carry services such as mobile TV, wireless broadband and satellite radio.

Although no announcement has been made to its uses or which partners Qualcomm will be using, the licence allows it to use the spectrum with immediate effect. The licence also has no preconditions on how the L-band should be used. 
Future actions will be carried out to decide the fate of spectrum made available after the completion digital switchover in 2012.