Mobile cyber-bullying on the rise in Ireland


Irish children as young as 12 are the victims of cyber bullying via mobile phones, according to a poll by security software specialist AdaptiveMobile.

A survey by Trinity College Dublin questioned 2800 pupils from eight secondary schools and found that one in seven students were the targets of bullies via mobile phones and the internet, including phone calls, texts and emails.

AdaptiveMobile chief executive Lorcan Burke said: “My experience of dealing with mobile operators around the world shows me that unfortunately Ireland is one of dozens of countries suffering a growth in cyber-bullying, especially in mobile phone harassment.

"Children and teenagers are typically the fastest adopters of mobile technology, which means they are the first to realise the benefits of mobile access and content, but also the drawbacks. We want parents to know the real risks that exist and also to encourage them to work
closely with their children and mobile service provider for a safer mobile experience for their child."

The company claims to be working with Irish networks to implement appropriate controls to combat the problem.