Orange and Nokia extend mobile service partnership


Orange and Nokia have committed to a three year partnership, which will include the addition of 10 new Nokia handsets to the Orange range and the addition of music to a combined offer of games, advertising, maps and location based services. 

The partnership extends the first agreement signed by the two companies in February.
Orange and Nokia have agreed to launch a suite of integrated multimedia services on the new Nokia handsets, launching in H2 across nine major markets, in an initiative designed to boost the adoption of mobile digital entertainment.

Customers will have direct access to the Orange Music Store, both Orange and NGage games, as well as Nokia Maps. All services will be integrated into the Orange user interface.
Orange personal communications services executive vice president Olaf Swantee said: "This collaboration underlines Orange’s drive to create strategic partnerships that will give customers the best possible mobile multimedia experience in the simplest way."

Orange group strategic marketing executive vice president added: "Orange believes that Nokia’s devices and Ovi platform will make a powerful environment for the provision of a joint range of services."

Under the agreement, the two companies will work jointly on marketing to support the launch of new devices and the development of multimedia applications. For instance, Nokia’s Mobile Maps platform and GPS technology will be introduced to a wide portfolio of Nokia handsets in the Orange range, allowing for navigation, location based search and advertising services. The two companies plan to create 10 million active Mobile Maps users on Nokia devices within the Orange footprint by 2010.