JAG restructures its B2B department


JAG Communications is restructuring its business department to create a team of area business managers that will handle B2B clients and work closer with retail branches.

They will be the direct link to the south-west retailer’s business team and be involved in all store-related business sales and activity. Each will be based in one of the area’s stores and will be supported by both the area manager and business team.

JAG said it believes its business managers have a high success rate when put in front of buyers and will relieve the pressure on the Exeter call centre to provide them with leads.

The restructuring represents a shift in emphasis for JAG’s business department, as previously it operated separately. Now the company’s retail and business operations will integrate, with business managers able to handle a wider range of smaller accounts in a more cost effective manner.

The move will be accompanied by a significant recruitment drive for new business managers, focusing on staff in the company’s retail department. New training systems developed by JAG’s training team and training professionals from O2 will aim to ensure the new recruits have all the necessary tools and skills to deliver a high level of service to B2B clients.

Managing director John George said: “JAG’s ongoing expansion has meant we’ve had to rewrite the rulebook to a degree. JAG’s breadth of operations is wider-reaching than ever, so we’re trying to ensure all stores provide the most comprehensive service possible.

“I think this expansion of the business department will help us achieve that and lead to closer cooperation between our B2B and retail departments.”

JAG business department manager Gareth Evans said: “It’s always been our aim to have a solid business presence everywhere JAG has retail branches and it’s clear that creating this new breed of area business managers is how we are going to achieve it.

“The new positions are a great opportunity for some of our high-flying branch staff to develop their training and careers and move into the world of business.”