Ofcom’s P4U probe welcomed by MP


Birmingham MP Roger Godsiff (pictured) has welcomed the news Ofcom is to spend six months investigating Phones 4U over alleged mis-selling of mobile phone deals.

The telecoms regulator decided to investigate the high street retailer after a number of complaints from consumers – to both its customer direct and advisory team – were made regarding a range of issues, one of which is mis-selling.

Godsiff has led a campaign against cashback offers for a number of months following the collapse of retailer Dial-a-Mobile, which went into administration leaving many customers facing huge bills, many in his constituancy.

However, Godsiff also voiced his frustration that this problem is yet to be properly dealt with.

“You have to wonder how many more customer complaints Ofcom has to receive and how many more investigations it has to undertake to really get hold of this problem,” he said.

“Again, it appears cashback deals will be at the centre of this latest probe; it makes a complete mockery of undertakings, voluntary or otherwise, made by the network providers to clean up their act and those of the independent retailers that sell their phones and take up their contracts.

“Ofcom is big on investigations, but not so hot on protecting customers who are inconvenienced or swindled. Nor can it offer any remedy for those people who are pursued ruthlessly through debt collection agencies and the courts by the network providers who just clean up and move on.”

Godsiff added that he will be writing a letter to Ofcom chief executive Ed Richards to hammer home the point that a thorough investigation needs to be carried out in respect of the role played by the networks, but also for customers to receive compensation if there is a case to answer.